Hi! This is the Official Blog of Atlanta Pride Massage. I will be including updates about my practice, interviews and information about local LGBTQ organizations and events and more.

Happy Nonbinary pride day

Happy Nonbinary pride day. Nonbinary is a gender identity where some one might not identify with a gender such as male or female. A person who identifies as non binary may or may not have a desire to transition in anyway and may simply identify as nonbinary. The most popular non binary pronoun is Them,…


So much pride in Atlanta!

There are many things I l love about the Atlanta LGBTQ community. One of them is that we have a minimum of 4 different pride events. We have a queer pride called Southern Pride Queer Pride. This is a week-long event that involves art, music and culture. This same week, we also have Stone Wall March and Rally.…


National HIV Testing Day

Today is National HIV testing day. I hope that every one is negotiating and practicing safe sex, being tested, informing their partners and taking any medications they might need. There are so many more options available for HIV education and treatment. Please take time to become educated and make informed decisions.

Sports Massage

One of my projects over the summer is to work with more athletes in the LGBTQ community. Atlanta has an amazing park in the middle of the city and is a major hub for sports teams and rec leagues. If you have a sports team that you belong to that would benefit from massage for…


Summer hours

I have new summer hours. I will be mostly working tuesday, thursday evenings and on sundays. So I will be working more evenings and week-ends over the summer. I am accepting a limited number of day appointments in late june and late july.  I will also be out of state June 5-12. I will be…


Happy pansexual and pan romantic visibility day

Happy Pansexual and Panromantic Visibility Day to all of my clients who might celebrate it. Pan is an orientation where a person identifies as having the potential to have emotional and/or physical intimacy with people of all genders.


HRC Gala

I recently had the amazing experience of attending the Human Rights Campaign Silent Auction and Gala. I donated two gift certificates for 30 minute sessions and raised $70 dollars for human rights. I got to play in the photo booth. This was one of my favorite parts. I am not a big fan of the…


New services!

I am very excited that I will be offering new modalities. I will be including Manual Lymphatic Drainage as one of the massage styles that I offer. My style of massage therapy is generally an integrative style. Relaxing, with focus on tightness and knots as needed. Manual Lymphatic drainage is a style of massage that…